A Few Very Helpful Ideas for Winning PPC Campaigns

by Frank on November 29, 2015

If you are just beginning your PPC advertising journey, it can be a little rough going. So what we are looking at is how you improve your click through rate, and that is totally dependent on your ad copy. There is a lot involved with any form of marketing and advertising, but for your PPC campaigns it is the single decision to click through that is what you are after. The article below explains a few easy to understand PPC ad copywriting tips that you can use right away to create better ads.

Be sure to include some kind of call to action phrase in all your ads. You cannot be boorish or too bossy with your calls to action, but there are very many ways to say them that work just fine. As innocuous as they may seem, the call to action is an important part of all copywriting. For example, if you want them to enter their name and email address, then clearly mention that in your ad copy. Remember it has to be clear and rather direct, and avoid trying to get fancy about it.

You can come across all kinds of stories about what makes for higher conversions, but one very important thing is to take note of the date of publication – it may be an outdated method. Actually, the format and optimal things to do with your ad and headline are really very straightforward and easy to do. Get in the habit of split testing your ads for all aspects of them.

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