Beef or Chicken Ramen

by Tana on March 29, 2016

I’ve had ramen noodles as a staple all my life. Coming from a very heavily Asian oriented family, we’ve always had rice, ramen, soy sauce and other Asian condiments with our meals. And I’ve always enjoyed a good bowl of ramen as a snack or for lunch. But the question is, what is the better flavor? Of course you have your pork, shrimp, and Cajun flavors which are all unique and can be quite tasty. But then you have the two that stand out the most, and are quite the popular ramen, beef and chicken.

I’ve always had a big knack for beef flavored ramen. It’s always the kind my mother bought at the store and it’s always gone before you know it when we got the variety packages. I also find it the most common of ramen, even used as a general flavor in foreign countries such as Japan and China, with the actual beef bits mixed in the broth. But because it’s popular does it make it any better than chicken?

Personally, I found the chicken flavor a bit too scarce. It doesn’t really taste all that like chicken, in fact, if you try out the Maruchan brand instant lunch, it’s actually a bit rubbery. Doesn’t sound too good, huh? Nissin’s Top Ramen brand is slightly better, but still it’s just not as great as it sounds. If anything, homemade chicken ramen with slices of tender chicken in it is just the way to go. Now that is good stuff! I don’t know how any other way I could say it, but a true breed ethnic Asian person honestly does make the best ramen, gourmet even. That’s the only way I’d ever touch any chicken ramen!

If you’re strictly going to just have the store bought ramen, I suggest trying out the beef flavor. It’s definitely the most popular and stapled ramen out there. Not only that, for being so cheap it actually does taste a bit like beef. Of course, true home style beef ramen is miles better, but if you need a quick fix and are on a tight budget, just go out and get beef flavor in any brand. They basically taste all the same and are so cheap, at about a dollar a pack, no I am not kidding you. While you’re at it, go ahead and try pork and Cajun, those are actually quite delicious as well as far as low priced noodles go.

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