Ecstasy, a Factor of Sleep Apnea

by Frank on March 7, 2017

The dangers of ecstasy (how long does molly stay in your system link) on the brain are again pointing the finger. Its consumption ecstasy increases the risk of developing a severe form of sleep apnea, according to a study conducted by researchers at John Hopkins University in the United States.

These results are even more alarming that they involve young adults in good health and no history of sleep disorders.

Among the 150 volunteers, half were consumer and the other not. Scientists have found a similar proportion of patients with mild apnea in both groups. In contrast, only ecstasy users exhibited severe forms. Ecstasy then produces a toxic effect on neurons producing serotonin.

Cognitive decline, increased risk of diabetes, and especially death by cardiac arrest … These are just some of the many consequences of sleep apnea.

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