Family Pasta Dinner

by Trinidad on March 27, 2016

I know with a working schedule how hard it is to make a quick and easy meal that the whole family will love. It is hard to find time to cook a meal to meet everyone’s taste but you can’t ever go wrong with noodles. Instant noodles are both quick and easy but they are not very interesting. Jazzing them up is not really as hard as it may seem!

With noodles you can always add vegetables. Adding squash, onions, bell peppers, or broccoli can make it infinitely more interesting. You can combine the vegetables that you know everyone likes and stir fry them. Then serve them on top of the noodles. You could make it fun and have everyone pick out their favorites and create their own.  

Adding vegetables is one simple way to infuse more flavor but adding some kind of protein creates a delicious meal that is also nutritional. Just cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts into strips and cook them in a pan with some olive oil, then add them to the vegetables and serve the concoction over the noodles. For vegetarians, you can use tofu or simply add cheese instead of the meat. That adds protein, and it also gives it a different flavor that is equally as delicious!

Another good idea is to cook the noodles, then add a few spoonfuls of pesto from a jar and some extra virgin olive oil. Once you do this you can add parmesan cheese, chicken or tofu, and your favorite vegetables and you have a wonderful meal that the whole family will enjoy.

If you have a family of picky eaters, you can always get them to create their own pasta! Just go ahead and cook the noodles and give them their choice of vegetables, meat, cheese, and sauce. This way every member of your family is sure to love their dinner and it won’t be any trouble to cook. If you have weekly pasta night, you can relax and not worry about cooking dinner. Every family member can help. You can have a nice family dinner even though those are so hard to come by during this day and age. Your children will love to be able to see what their meal will be like and you will be able to make this and save money. If you substitute the night out with pasta night you are sure to save money and have a happy family.

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