Is Organic Produce really Worth more Money – Yes

by Darin on March 25, 2016

I do believe that organic foods are better. I’m not sure about the health issues, but the flavor and texture are amazingly superior. I nearly gave up drinking milk. It made me feel queasy and had a strange bitter taste. Then I tried organically produced milk and there is no comparison. The organic milk tastes SO much better and I feel good after I drink it.

Putting personal taste and health issues aside, just the methods used in organic farming are better for all of us and for our planet. Anti-fungal sprays, herbicides and pesticides all seem like ‘homicides’ to me. Id feel much safer knowing that these chemicals are not being dumped into the environment, not to mention what goes on while they’re being manufactured, shipped and stored. Would you want gallon drums of poison leaking out in some back lot near your aquifer? I didn’t think so. But it is going on rght this minute, all over the country. Hopefully, there will soon be no market for such caustic liquids and powders, so nobody will manufacture them. I’d like to think that the chemical companies would start making Eco and life-friendly products so they can replace the jobs that the poison makers have now.

Organic farmers are more quality than bottom line oriented. Sure they want to make money, but not a ‘any cost’. Their focus is what farming should be about – growing healthy, flavorful crops while disturbing the balance of nature as little as possible. They are creating their own market which I’m certain will insure their livelihood an allow them to expand. Having a farm certified as organic is a lengthy process and with any luck, many farmers starting that process now.

So, when you find yourself agonizing about spending that extra $1 for a bag of grapes, consider what that extra dollar is doing toward making our world safer and healthier, not to mention that the food will taste better – an even may be better for you! Put back that candy bar or bag of chips to make up the difference.

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