Nissin Chow Mein Thai Peanut Review

by Tad on March 17, 2016

Nissin chow mein is an easy and cheap microwave meal for people on the go. It’s quick to prepare – just five minutes in the microwave – and generally costs between $.80 and $1.20 a package. Thai peanut flavor chow mein, with its sweet, sour, and spicy sauce, is an especially delicious and filling microwavable lunch.

Thai peanut flavor Nissin chow mein is easy to prepare. Simply remove the flavor packets, add water up to the line, and microwave the noodles for five minutes or until done. Then stir in the powder seasoning (including soy sauce, spices, and red pepper flakes), liquid seasoning (spicy oil), and the packet of chopped peanuts.

One benefit of the Thai peanut flavor is that most of the spiciness is in the oil packet, separated from the rest of the flavor. You can easily adjust the amount of spiciness to your personal taste, as well as omit a lot of fat, by adding only enough oil to help distribute the powder seasoning. (If there is still some wtaer left in the container, even this is not necessary, as the powder seasoning will dissolve in the water.) This allows for a pleasantly spicy but not overpowering taste, giving Thai peanut flavor a huge advantage over other spicy flavors, such as kung pao chicken.

The sauce itself is delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness and citrusy flavor for a balance between sweet and sour. The sweetness of the sauce melds perfectly with the spiciness, especially if you don’t use all of the spicy oil packet.

There are some disadvantages, however. One is the amount of salt in the sauce – over half the recommended daily value! A few tall glasses of water will be required to counteract the saltiness. Although it does come from soy sauce powder, which adds flavor instead of just sodium, it can still seem overpowering, and consequently it upsets the balance of the other flavors. The other is the lack of vegetables, which are present in a separate packet in most other flavors of Nissin microwavable noodles. The powder seasoning does contain dried leeks and cilantro, but it’s not quite enough to make one feel better about eating ramen.

Still, Nissin chow mein Thai peanut flavor ramen noodles are a delicious, filling, and easy meal. It’s not great for every day, of course, but it offers a change from the usual ramen flavors and from take-out or other common lunch fare.

One package of Nissin Thai peanut flavored chow mein contains 540 calories (220 calories from fat), 24g fat (8g saturated fat), 0mg cholesterol, 1560mg sodium, 70g carbohydrate, 2g dietary fiber, 6g sugar, and 12g protein. It also contains 30% RDV of Iron.

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