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by Leontine on March 18, 2016

About a year ago I noticed that I’d get sick whenever I ate beef. It didn’t matter if I cooked it myself or ate it at a restaurant. I love beef, although I only eat it once or twice a week. I had to figure out why I was getting sick and if there was an alternative to tofu. That’s when I learned about grass-fed beef and the Tallgrass Beef Company.

Cows are designed to eat grass. Feeding them a constant diet of grain makes them gain weight, put on a lot of fat instead of muscle and become weak and ill quickly. This is why the cows are given antibiotics as well as pesticides. They are also given hormones and God knows what else. Grass-fed beef is just that – and it’s raised on farms in pastures, not factories.

I’ve placed two orders with Tallgrass Beef Company and have been delighted both times. Even though one shipment was held up due to airport difficulties, it still arrived frozen solid. It comes in a sturdy Styrofoam cooler that is reusable. I keep one in my truck and bring home my frozen foods from the grocery store. There is a 50 pound minimum per shipment, but you can have friends or relatives chip in on an order if you don’t want, or need, that much. They also offer a nice intro package.

We’ve eaten the burgers, ground beef, chuck roast, brats, and steak. All have been delicious with very little shrinkage. I was amazed to see the chuck roast was nearly the same size when it came out of the crock pot as it was when it went in.

If you like beef but aren’t happy with the quality of mass-market meat, give Tallgrass Beef Company a try.

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