TheraBreath Review

by Frank on March 12, 2016

TheraBreath developed by Dr. Harold Katz is the only other treatment we can recommend besides “Banish Tonsil Stones”. Frankly all the other treatments we tested either had absolutely no effect or had serious side effects.

TheraBreath was created by a very well known and respected medical professional – Dr. Harold Katz. The product came into being as Dr.Katz started treating his daughter’s bad breath.

It provides the solution for tonsilloliths and also for most bad breath related ailments such as orange color tongue or halitosis. The various treatments available, consists of a range of mouth washes, toothpastes, sprays as well as nasal sprays and several other related products.

You can also download a free ebook from TheraBreath that has a lot of advice on how exactly to deal with bad breath.

There is no doubt “TheraBreath” works exactly as stated on their website, it will definitely help you get rid of  tonsil stones and it comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

Price: $92.00 for Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit, $43.00 for Tonsil Stones Starter Kit, “Thera Breath” provides full 30 days money back guarantee.

If you are more partial towards regular OTC medications then you will not find a better relief for your tonsil stones then Dr. Katz’s “TheraBreath”, this treatment works exactly as stated. However if you are more inclined towards natural remedies we recommend you try “Banish Tonsil Stones”.

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